AQUA supplements have been formulated with the aim to offer specific nutritionals for underwater activities, in order to improve athletes' performances in free-diving and spearfishing and ensure safer dives due to a lower energy consumption. In addition, AQUA supplements aim to control the oxidising and degenerative effects of hypoxy generated by long-term underwater activites.

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Deep Dive One is a nutritional supplement rich in L-arginine, Berberine, Bromeline and other sinergics elements. These dry plant extracts and compounds are intelligently combined to induce a physiological metabolic response. The aim od Deep Dive One is to improve performance in underwater activities, both freediving and spearfishing. These activities put many metabolic systems under stress: not only the cardiovascular system, but the central and peripheral nervous systems as well.

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Deep Dive Two is a nutritional supplement rich in L-Carnitine, Beta-Alanine, L-Treonine and branched-chain amino acids 3:1:1 The intelligent combination of these substances can improve long-term performances and increase the energy efficiency of both muscle cells and the sympathetic nervous system.

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Recovery Dive is a nutritional supplement rich in L-Carnosine, Curcuma, Guaranà and other sinergics elements. Underwater activities such as freediving or spearfishing are carried out through a sequence of dives, holding the breath for a variable period of time depending on the discipline. This activity, which lasts for some time, subjects the body to oxidative stress due to the variations in the partial pressures of the gases oxygen and carbon dioxide. This long-term oxidative stress can cause damage to cell membranes in the affected tissues, mainly muscle tissue, alveolar tissue and nerve tissue, particularly in the central nervous system, as this is very sensitive to hypoxia.

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Better performance and better recovery from underwater activity

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